The Love Revolution – An online course to raise your vibration




We are all energetic beings and we vibrate at a certain frequency. The Universe simply aligns with our frequency and responds with the same frequency. Like attracts like. This is the Universal Law of Attraction.

At this time the world is going through a major energetic upgrade, where we are moving from a fear-based consciousness to a love-based consciousness and as light beings, we are being asked to heal our energetic patterns and shift our frequency. As a light-worker or light-seeker, your greatest healing lies in the ability to shift your vibration so you can contribute positively to this ascension

We all know we need to shift our vibration but very few of us know how we can! This fun, practical 21-Day online course will introduce you to a wealth of tools, tips and techniques so that you can open your heart and shift your vibration.
The benefits of this are profound! Once you start applying these tools to your life, you will feel lighter, have more peace, unleash more energy and attract more love, joy and abundance.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is this course for:

  • if you are new to the world of energy healing, this course will expose you to a treasure chest of ideas to work with energy.
  • if you are a light-worker and need to actively manage your energy field to maintain a high frequency, this course will expand your toolkit.
  • If you are an empath, this course will help you learn how to use your energy for you first.
  • if you frequently feel drained, tired, depressed and overwhelmed, this course will support you with alternative stress management and healing techniques.
  • if you are curious about the world of energy and don’t know where to start, this course will expose you to a world of cool information.
  • if you feel called to take accountability for how you show up in your own life, this course will show you how your energy impacts your life and relationships.
  • if you want to be part of the world shift to a love-consciousness, this course will introduce you to a way forward.
  • if you want to attract more joy, love and abundance in your life, this course opens your heart to create miracles.

Do I need any prior knowledge for this course:

No, this course creates a platform to introduce you to the concepts and there will be plenty of links to additional content both for background purposes and/or to further your development should you feel the need to.

How does the course work:

Once you are registered, you will receive access to 21 classes over the next 21 days. Each day will focus on a different concept to help you raise your vibration. You can see the curriculum here

There will be video’s, audio files, worksheets and links to tools. It will be jam-packed with things for you to try and see what works for you.

You can go through the content at your own pace and if you choose to focus on each day for a longer period of time before you go onto the next tip – you are welcome to do that. You can make this fit into your routine and your life and integrate it at your own pace. No pressure and no rules!

You will have access to this content for life, so you can take your time and go back and review your favourite topics: