Soul Name Reading


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Unlock your Destiny with your Soul Name

We are a small piece of Divinity living in this body for this lifetime. In this lifetime we have an energy source within us that we call our spirit and this is connected via a cord of light to our Divine Self. this has many names, our Soul, our Light, our Higher Self and some refer to it as our Nomad.

When we connect to this part of ourself we can transcend the fears and insecurities that exist in our mind and body and connect with our Divine Wisdom. This supports us in accessing the wisdom of the Light in our current life and we can find new ways forward.

Our Soul has a name. This is a light language “mantra” or “expression”. when we say this or think of it, we can connect directly to the wisdom of our Higher Self and this can support and guide us in this lifetime. Light Language is a sacred set of frequencies that bypasses the intellect to connect with the energy body within you.

Taryn will channel your Soul Name and a special message from your Higher Self.  This is a remote reading (you do not need to be present) and you will receive the reading via email in 10 working days from receipt of payment for your reading.