Joy of Sacred Geometry – Module 1


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“Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of creation and shows the connectedness of all. It offers insight into the mystery of the Divine and brings order to chaos.”

This online course is a directory of “How to Draw” guides for each Sacred Geometry Pattern. Each “module” is a collection of patterns and you will receive:

  • a video sharing some information about the meaning of the Sacred Geometry symbols.
  • a download of all the symbols for coloring and or tracing
  • a step by step guide on How to Draw the symbol.

Drawing sacred geometry is a deeply meditative practice and a magical way to connect to the Divine and learn about the mysteries of the Universe. If you are drawn to Sacred Geometry and would love to be able to draw these beautiful, intricate symbols, then this course is for you!

Module 1 – Portals for Life – 7 Symbols

  • Stars and Fractals,
  • the spiral,
  • the Fibonacci spiral,
  • Vesica Piscis,
  • Triquetra,
  • Yin Yang
  •  a special yin yang variation.


Additional modules available are:

Module 2 – Hidden Codes – 8 Symbols

  • Seed of Life
  • Seed of life variation – Crescents,
  • the Vector Equilibrium,
  • Egg of Life,
  • Tree of Life,
  • Flower of Life
  • Fruit of Life
  • Special bonus pattern – Flower of Life Ankh

Module 3 – Map of Creation – 7 Symbols

  • Metatrons Cube,
  • The Platonic Solids – Icosahedron,
  • Hexahedron,
  • Octahedron,
  • Dodecahedron,
  • Icosahedron
  • MER-KA-BA (Star Tetrahedron)

Module 4 – Inviting in Magic – 10 Symbols

  • Torus, (2 versions)
  • Sri Yantra,
  • Labyrinths (2 versions),
  • Chakana,
  • Chakana Seed,
  • Line Art,
  • Illusions
  • Special Flow Mandala

Module 5 – Islamic Geometry – 8 Symbols

  • Ayubid Star,
  • Extended 12 Fold Rosette,
  • the Mumlak Star,
  • Itumud Ud Daula Grid Patterns
  • 4 other special patterns

Module 6 – Impossible Geometry – 7 Symbols

  • Circle of Cubes,
  • Impossible Hexagon,
  • Impossible overlapping triangles,
  • Impossible triangle,
  • Impossible star of David,
  • Overlapping Circles,
  • Overlapping Circles Spiral

The full program is available for sale for R3 000 each. If you would like to purchase the full program after purchasing module 1, please email me on and I will send you an adjusted invoice.

This is a magical journey of personal and universal soul discovery.