Invitation from your Higher Self Remote Reading for 2021


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Would you like some guidance for 2021?
Until 15 February 2021, I will be doing one of a kind soul connection sessions. This practical 20-30 minute video reading is a tool you can use for the whole year. I will connect to your Guides and bring you an invitation from your Higher Self with messages to support you in your healing, growth and expansion. This unique 4 card reading will be a tool to help you set your intentions and align with your light for the coming year.

The session will include:

  • An invitation from your Higher Self for 2020
  • A message for your healing – what is needed to be resolved and healed in your life to support this invitation
  • A message for your growth – what is needed for to you step into more of your physical potential
  • A message for your enlightenment – what is needed for you to expand your spiritual light (your energy and life force)
Book today to make sure you get your one of a kind personal reading.
This is available for only R550 a reading!
This is a remote reading so you do not need to be present for the session. All I will need is your name and a photo and then you will get a video you can use for the whole year 💜💜💜

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