EVOLVE Recordings – Spiritual Laws for times of change




The EVOLVE program is a wonderful journey of get a deeper insight and understanding of the Spiritual Laws and how to work with them in your life.

The course was a series of 12 webinars, in each one the law is described and practical tools and wisdom is shared. There is also a guided meditation by a specific archangel or ascended master in each webinar. You can o=purchase these recordings now at this special price and have access to this timeless wisdom for life.

The spiritual laws covered in the course are:

  1. The Law of CLARITY – tools and ideas for how to get more clear in your life. Guided by Archangel Gabriel. You can enjoy this lesson here:

  1. ┬áThe Law of FLOW – how to navigate life easily and in a state of non-resistance. Guided by Archangel Joules and Archangel Aquariel.
  2. The Law of DETACHMENT – the ability to release yourself from anything that holds you back from your natural path. Guided by Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain (Merlin).
  3. The Law of NON-INTERFERENCE – the ability to respect free-will and allow each soul to have the experience they want to have. Guided by Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Lady Nada.
  4. The Law of KARMA – healing and releasing karmic wounds and triggers related to past lives and your ancestors. Guided by the Karmic Board.
  5. The Law of GRACE – Grace is the highest form of love available on Earth. How do we open up to grace? Guided by Archangel Metatron.
  6. The Law of VIBRATION – what is your energetic pulse and how does it influence your life? Guided by Archangel Sandalphon.
  7. The Law of FAITH – how can we trust and unknown path? What is true faith and how to embrace it in our life? Guided by Archangel Faith and Archangel Michael.
  8. The Law of ONE – we are all Source and we are all the same, yet we have a unique expression and experience. How do we value uniqueness and sameness in ourselves and others? Guided by Melchizidek.
  9. The Law of ABUNDANCE – abundance is our divine birthright, how do we open ourselves to receive in a world of perceived lack and scarcity? Guided by Archangel Raphael.
  10. The Law of DECREE – working with the Universe means you are clear about what you want and are non-wavering in your demand for it. How do you become intentional with Spirit? Guided by Metatron and Serapis Bey.
  11. The Law of GRATITUDE – what is true gratitude and how does it align with blessings and miracles on Earth? Guided by Archangel Jophiel and Uriel.

This amazing content is an abundance of wisdom, tools and meditations to deepen your journey with Spirit and is valuable for all seekers of divine knowledge.


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