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2023 is a seven-year in numerology and is calling for an active expression of your unique gifts and talents. Whilst the last few years have been disruptive and asked you to go inward, connect and heal, 2023 is about integrating these learnings and giving birth to the life you dream of, personally and collectively. The question is how do you want to play the game that is your life? In the words of Grantland Rice “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

This playbook journal is a wonderful companion to remain conscious of your choices as you play the game of 2023.

2023 is the year of the rainbow. The rainbow is a bridge of light between the invisible and the visible. It is the energy for manifesting your inspirations into the world. It is about bringing your light to life.

By buying this playbook, you have set the intention to own the part you play in your life. I look forward to supporting you show the world your authentic beauty and grace.


Each month has the following:

  • A calendar for the month, mark any important dates, and notice the cycles of the moon. Make it your own.
  • A place for your personal word for the month – you can use it at the beginning of the month to set an intention or at the end of the month as a reflection tool. Or BOTH, because, why not!
  • A card of the month page and your observations/reflections on the message for the month.
  • A habit tracker. Big change happens through small actions. Habits are our daily rituals. Choose the habits that you want to give to life and use the habit tracker as a tool to support you in bringing your light to life. Celebrate the small steps you take.
  • A weekly planner, you can use this to plan your weekly goals, journal about your day and track what is going on for you. Let these beautiful pages keep you in the present moment and notice your trends and achievements.
  • 2 mandalas for the month. Mandalas are amazing teachers. Each mandala has been created for the frequency of the month. Take some time to colour in the mandala and stay present to what you discover. View this as a time of meditation and connection. Use the reflection sheet to journal about what the mandala has introduced you to.

The journal is 135 pages of creative expression. Upon purchase, you will receive the downloadable PDF’s automatically. You can print these out as much as you want (for your own personal use – please do not redistribute in any way) and you can also use an editable notes app for an online journal experience – I use Good Notes on my Ipad and it is wonderful.

The beautiful printed playbook journal will be available by mid-Jan and it can be collected from me in Blairgowrie or couriered to you if you live in SA for R100. Please select your preferred option at checkout

If you order before 31 Januay 2023, you will also receive a free bonus energy calendar for the year. I use this on my computer desktop and it is amazing.

I hope you love this journal as much as I loved creating it for you.

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