2022 HeartWay Journal


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2022 is a six-year in numerology and the keyword is PATHWAY. This is a year of committing to your heart and taking action that aligns with your purpose and destiny. There is no greater time to connect to your light and reveal your greatness to yourself and the world.

This journal has been created by Taryn to support you in this quest.

The HeartWay is a path to guide you through 2022. Each month introduces you to a specific theme and is a key component to navigating and healing through the year. The card that guides the month sets a tone and introduces you to a specific area of focus. Each month shows you the way through that month.

Each month has the following:

  • A calendar for the month, mark any important dates and notice the cycles of the moon. Make it your¬†own.
  • Intentions for the month, reflect on the card (the words, the image and the feelings you get from it). Make anote of what this card means to you and set your intentions for the month.
  • Word of the day, use this page to reflect on one word that describes eachday of the month. This is a powerful way to see the patterns emerging for you in the month,
  • Two mandalas and reflection pages, mandalas are amazing teachers. Each mandala has been created for the frequency of the month. Take some time to colour in the mandala and stay present to what you discover. View this as a time of meditation and connection. Use the reflection sheet to journal about what the mandala has introduced you to. The mandala on this page and the next is the pathways mandala for 2022.
  • A monthly review page, use the space to create a personal mandala for the month. When you create your own mandala, you create a container to capture thoughts, words, images and symbols. Use this sacred space to reflect on your journey through the month and journal key insights and discoveries.

2022 is destined to be a year of light activation for the soul’s that are brave enough to follow the path of their heart. This printable journal is the most magical tool to support you in your journey through 2022.

The journal is 100 pages of delight. Upon purchase, you will receive the downloadable PDF which you can print and bind into a workbook or choose which pages to print out during the month as you want to.

I hope you love this journal as much as I loved creating it for you.

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