2021 Mandala Pack


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2021 is a five year in numerology, the pentacle and pentagram are the primary sacred geometry symbols that honour that frequency. Five is about FREEDOM and the courage to create the life of freedom you desire.

Taryn has channelled and drawn six different mandalas using this primary pattern. Each mandala has a message of guidance to support us in the journey of 2021. The mandalas can be used as a meditation tool and as crystal grids to manifest the guidance associated with it.

In this pack, you will receive:

  • the six coloured mandalas for you to download, use virtually or print as many times as you want
  • the six messages of guidance associated with each message and an invocation you can use with the mandala when meditating or creating a crystal grid
  • the six mandala outlines for you to colour, paint or use as a journaling tool as many times as you want. This is an amazing way to make this personal and integrate the wisdom into your energy field



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