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“Taryn is an exceptional spiritual channel, coach and healer. I have been to her for a few one on one sessions, the Keys of Consciousness reading and attended a number of her courses. She always treats you with kindness and respect and never makes you feel like your doubts and insecurities about life are invalid. She has enabled me to make so much more sense of life and the reasons behind a number of challenges that I have. Taryn is very focused on ensuring that you hear what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. This has enabled me to grow and learn as a person. She is a gifted light worker and I would recommend that anyone feeling the call to see her or attend one of her courses acts on this. I have never been disappointed with any of the sessions and courses I have attended or guidance I have received from her.”


“My life was forever changed the day I met Taryn. When life starts feeling too much, and you need comfort and care, and guidance, Taryn is where you go. No doubt about it. You will always feel new again.”


“Thank you so much for the guidance shared, it is profound. Quite deep, and a lot of food for thought.

I loved it.”


“Taryn is very intuitive, guided and connected with her guides. I found her reading to be just what I needed. My questions were answered which allowed me to continue on my spiritual journey with a higher understanding of what has happened and what path I needed to follow.”


A reading with Taryn is an experience like no other I had been is gentle, honouring where I found myself on my life journey and tailored to what I could hear at that time. Having said this though, I also got the proverbial “kick of the mule” when I was resisting what needed to happen. It was the “kick” I needed at that time, to continue on my path . My life changed thereafter and I’m grateful that I received the “truth speaking” that I asked for. Thank you Taryn for doing valuable work that has given me the courage to take the next step. I felt so much lighter and had increased clarity. I would gladly have another reading with Taryn.


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